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Chateau Fengari


Eat well at Chateau Fengari

Dining at Chateau Fengari is an intrinsic part of your experience.

During the hot summer months, enjoy al fresco dining on the terrace overlooking the gardens, marquees can be hired in seating up to 300 guests. In the cooler autumn and winter seasons, the chateau's grand hall – complete with nineteenth century tiling and chandeliers – comes to life as a magnificent dining room seating up to 100 guests.

Food at Chateau Fengari usually features home-grown, organic ingredients from the kitchen garden, complemented by the famous Bordeaux wines.

Tailor made dishes to suit you

Design a menu, prepared by a resident private chef, that reflects the the theme of your event, whether it be for your wedding, party, retreat or workshop.

Our local chef will work with you to create the perfect menu just for you. Choose from a superior, classic or standard options or better yet, create your own.

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