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Chateau Fengari

Peel away & play: yoga and improvisation retreat with Sophie and Liz

Mon, 08th July 2019 - Fri, 12th July 2019

What do yoga and improvisation have in common?

They show you the love and play that is right here in the moment.

Unwind in the gorgeous surroundings of this French chateaux, as we welcome you on this 5 day journey through connection and play.

We will bathe you in two days of silence!

For two days, you’ll bathe in silence so you can release yourself from the distracting noise of daily life and discover the joy of pure being.

(We recommend no speaking or reading during the breaks, during the sessions you can share something if you like.)

Yoga, embodiment sessions, breathing and meditation get you into your body so you feel alive and experience the lightness of an open heart.

From this place, we play in the last two days. With group games and pair work we find the freedom that comes through laughter, releasing inhibitions and connecting with each other. We celebrate our ‘mistakes’ as we surrender to the unknown and surprise ourselves with what we create when we are truly present. You’ll be amazed to discover different sides of yourself as we peel back the onion layers and relax into play. Improvisation is a collaborative art form is like no other: exhilarating, surprising, revealing and incredibly fun!

Our goal is to help uncover your unique way of being and playing so you can take that intimate joy along with you in your daily life. By taking the time to be silent and listen to your body, you will flow easily into a playful state and re-enter the world refreshed and invigorated.

For who?

Anyone who wants to feel the joy of being and playing. No improvisation or yoga background needed. Improvisers are invited to play from a more embodied and connected place. Yogi’s are invited to find more play! Everyone is invited to reconnect with themselves, let go of that which no longer serves them and enjoy being their unique and fabulous selves.

DAY 1: Landing and Letting go

DAY 2: Alive in Presence

DAY 3: Space and Connection

DAY 4: Play

DAY 5: Celebrate and Wrap in

Example schedule:

7:30 - 9:15 ~ morning yoga

9:30am ~ breakfast

11 - 1pm ~ morning session

1 - 4pm ~ lunch and free time

4 - 6pm ~ afternoon session

6:30pm ~ dinner

8 - 9pm ~ evening circle and wind down

About the teachers

Sophie Snoeckx has sought out adventure all her life until yoga revealed to her the biggest adventure she would ultimately dedicate her life to — one of intimacy.

Through a combination of improvisational theater, tantra and yoga, Sophie has explored the depth of intimacy and the joy of the moment. How can you stay connected to your heart in daily life, in your relationships? She helps pass this on to others in her writing, women circles, coaching and workshops. Silence, self love and laughter are her favourite medicines. Combining the sacred and the playfulness, her way of life.

Liz Peters has helped thousands of people around the world release their inner playfulness through improvisation. The creativity, presence, collaboration and laughter are skills that easily translate across to real life; with the ethos of ‘listen, say yes and commit’ being one to live by.

In her fascination to understand why we feel, think and behave the way we do, Liz studied with some of the world’s leading experts in Embodiment, and continues to explore how reconnecting mind and body allows us to be the best and happiest versions of ourselves.

She is the author of ‘Own it!’ due to be published in September.

Places start at 1000€ for a shared triple room, including 5 days tuition, food and accommodation.

A shared twin room is 1300€ and a single room is 1500€.

To register your interest and to book your place, simply fill in the form and we will hold your place for just a 50€ deposit.

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