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Chateau Fengari

Claret & Colour Watercolour Workshop with Frank Walters

Thu, 08th October 2020 - Mon, 12th October 2020


If you appreciate great food, a fine Claret and learning to paint classic watercolour landscapes in an exclusive Napoleonic Chateau in one of the world's most famous wine regions, then this is for you.

Artist Frank Walters will be tutoring a three morning watercolour workshop in the truly magnificent Chateau Fengari within its 22 acre grounds, including pool and tennis courts. Fine Clarets will be served with traditional French Country dinner at the Chateau.

There will also be an excursion to one of the best vineyards at a local appellation.

Monet started painting at 40 years old. Van Gogh was in his 30s. It’s never too late to seize your dreams. It’s never too late to follow the path you wanted. It’s never too late to learn new skills.

Join our four-night luxury retreat in the wonderful Château Fengari and make the most of your talents. Turn your hobby into a career. Your dabbling into serious talent. Frank will work with you and make sure that you develop your work into the best it can be.

He will take a student, beginner, experienced or expert and help you to see new ways of doing things, new ways to achieve your end goal.

Sat outside in the French countryside with the sun warming your back, easel in front of you, paints set up in their tray; Prussian blue to capture the skies, yellow ochre for the stone work of the chateau, paint brush in hand.


Waiting to make the first mark on the clean, white paper.

Learn new skills

As well as improving your artistic skills, this course will give you the chance to have a real break from your day to day life.

To enjoy the birds singing in the trees, the frogs croaking by the pond. Time to be yourself, to express yourself. Time to relax in luxurious surroundings. To sleep in downy soft beds with crisp white bed linen. To sink your feet into plush carpet. Time to re-energize and re-invigorate whilst doing something productive for yourself. The best of both worlds. New skills and a new wind to your sails.

Example Itinerary

Day one

Arrive at the Chateau around 6.30pm with dinner served at 8.00pm

Day two

Country breakfast at 8.00am followed by En Plein air painting

Light lunch at 1.00pm then free time with mini-bus leaving for Bordeaux at 6.00pm

Dinner in Bordeaux

Day three

Country breakfast at 8.00am followed by En Plein air painting.

Sunday lunch at 2.00pm with wine tasting then free time with a light supper at 8.00pm

Day four

Country breakfast at 8.00am followed by En Plein air painting.

Mini-bus leaves for Vineyard at 1.00pm for lunch and wine tasting, return at 4.00pm

Dinner served at 8.00pm

Day five

Country breakfast at 8.00am with departures at 10.00am

What's included

This Watercolour Workshop is held in cooperation with The Fengari Concept.

Franks course will be spread over up to 7 consecutive days. All equipment will be supplied, but bring along your own equipment if you wish.

Four nights sharing a twin room accommodation including country breakfast, lunch and fine evening dining.

This price does not include wine or your main travel costs.

Price: €800 for a four night stay

€1400 for a 7 night stay

Frank Walters

Frank studied History of Art where his desire for painting in watercolour was forged. His job as Creative Director gave him a strong appreciation of visual excellence, which helped him to capture his own individual style by studying the classic watercolour techniques of JMW Turner, John Singer Sargent & Edward Wesson.

Today Frank has an appreciation of the art form in general with an understanding of the important best practice principles and nuances that make watercolour both fascinating and unique.

The result of his personal watercolour journey are now captured in his bespoke teaching programme, "Let it flow”.

More of Frank’s work can be found here.

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