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Chateau Fengari


Top Team Building Activities

So you have decided that your team is in need of a little boost?

Maybe morale is at an all time low, or maybe you just want to reward your team after a well done project?

St Valentine's Day in France

Valentine's day is perhaps the best day of the year to tell that someone special ‘je t’aime’ - I love you...

Getting Married Overseas

So, you’ve settled on getting married in France, you’ve even found the château venue of your dreams, and now you’re back home and wondering what next?

Local area Clérac

Today sees us visit the village in which Château Fengari is situated; Clérac. Home to around 1000 inhabitants, Clérac village is within walking distance of the château and has a small supermarket, a party shop, post office and small restaurant / bar...

A Shaky Past

Château Fengari was built in the early 19th century for the Nau family. Jules Nau and his wife Marthe Delhuile. Jules was mayor of Clérac between 1884 and 1919...

Meet the Team

Welcome to Château Fengari, a beautiful Napoleonic era château in sunny Charente-Maritime, just 40 minutes from Bordeaux...