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World Kindness Day - Be kind to yourself

Today is World Kindness Day. I know, another made up day in the calendar of events, but it's a great opportunity to think about something that matters hugely these days; being kind to ourselves.

We are so quick to focus on being kind to others, to helping others (which is great, and important, don't get me wrong!) but you can't fill from an empty jug. We need to look after ourselves in order to look after those around us.

I thought it was about time that I did a round-up of my top ten ways of dealing with self-care.

Happy World Checklist day! - Your wedding planning checklist

Did you know that today, October 30th 2019 is World Checklist day? Checklists form a huge part of my everyday life, and help me to keep on top of my planning and my tasks. In honour of such an important day, I have created our very own wedding checklist to help couples preparing for their big days to remember what needs doing and by when!

You can read more about it below, and download a PDF version of the checklist for you to print out and carry with you!

Planning a retreat as a host

As the winter months draw in, and the weather cools, our thoughts turn back towards the summer, and hosting a retreat becomes a tempting prospect. A week spent in a gorgeous warm climate, surrounded by people paying to do the thing that you love the most. What could be better?

Touring the vineyards

When you plan a visit to France, one of the first things that you think about is sampling all of the gorgeous wine, maybe with a nice side order of French cheese! We at Chateau Fengari love sampling all of the wines that are available locally (who doesn't?!) and thought it was time that we put together a blog post on where you can visit to try some delicious wine and stock up, whether for a special occasion or simply to take home.

Planning your wedding catering

Planning your wedding catering, like planning the rest of your wedding should be done as a couple and should be fun and reflective of your personalities. Make sure that you understand the different choices available to you before you book anything!

A behind the scenes glance at Chateau Fengari

Welcome to the Chateau Fengari wedding photoshoot, three days of fun and fashion in the grounds of Chateau Fengari.

More things to do this summer near Chateau Fengari

This week we head slightly further afield than the immediate area by chateau Fengari, to some of the bigger local towns for exciting events and destinations this summer.

Things to do this summer near Château Fengari

The Charente-Maritime and in particular the Saintonge region of France are home to some of the most beautiful natural areas of the country. With activities for adults and families alike, there is sure to be something for everyone visiting this summer.

We’ve taken a look at some of our favourite places to visit and some of our best events to attend and sorted them by proximity to the chateau, with the closest sites being the first ones we look at.

Supplier Spotlight - Chatelaine Events - French wedding planner

Today we meet one of our favourite suppliers - Julia, the wedding planner from Chatelaine Events.

Wedding trends for 2019 and 2020 weddings

Every year we see more and more innovative trends appearing at weddings, whether in the shape of a naked wedding cake, or beautiful dress details, these trends can help give your wedding a special identity and help it feel like it's a totally different place to your sister's wedding a year ago!

How to choose your wedding music

Are you feeling overwhelmed when trying to pick your music for your upcoming wedding? Not sure who to turn to and whether to go for a DJ, a disco, live musicians, a Spotify playlist or something else?
This blog post is aimed at you and aimed at helping you make the decisions you need to make to have the best possible music for your wedding.

Blaye - Places to visit near Chateau Fengari

If the lure of the pool, the lake and the tennis courts aren't enough to keep you firmly planted in the grounds of the château during your stay, we thought we would introduce you to some of our favourite local haunts.

Top Team Building Activities

So you have decided that your team is in need of a little boost?

Maybe morale is at an all time low, or maybe you just want to reward your team after a well done project?

St Valentine's Day in France

Valentine's day is perhaps the best day of the year to tell that someone special ‘je t’aime’ - I love you...

Getting Married Overseas

So, you’ve settled on getting married in France, you’ve even found the château venue of your dreams, and now you’re back home and wondering what next?

Local area Clérac

Today sees us visit the village in which Château Fengari is situated; Clérac. Home to around 1000 inhabitants, Clérac village is within walking distance of the château and has a small supermarket, a party shop, post office and small restaurant / bar...

A Shaky Past

Château Fengari was built in the early 19th century for the Nau family. Jules Nau and his wife Marthe Delhuile. Jules was mayor of Clérac between 1884 and 1919...

Meet the Team

Welcome to Château Fengari, a beautiful Napoleonic era château in sunny Charente-Maritime, just 40 minutes from Bordeaux...